Ely James and the Backtrakkers

you can purchase the debut Ely James & the Backtrakkers Fountain of Youth LP via links here and also online directly through CD Baby, Apple, Amazon, & I-tunes Music. Expect the release of the debut follow-up LP in December, 2019, titled Still Undeterred!


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We’d love for you to join us & would like you to stay informed about what we’re doing & where & when we're doing it. Check out our latest updates and stay in the loop. Besides we draw inspiration from our fans that helps us to remain relevant to you - the world!


An attestation that belief, hard work & dedication can be enriching & rewarding. Be a part of Ely James & the Backtrakkers history!

page updated July, 2019


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Ely James & the Backtrakkers

Fans unlike any others who stand at the confluence where fine Rockn' Blues & gripping story-tell style lyrics wonderfully commerge!

Although currently seeking members as of this date (June, 2019) Ely James & the Backtrakkers has twelve original LP music compilations to deliver on. The year-end goal was ambitious, vaulting up twelve traditionally-styled LPs and three more original Hits compilations to the two existing today, several songs having been formatted for inclusion in E-distribution compilations. Ely's concentration is in alignment with forte that is the production of guitar-centric powerhouse Blues music, all Ely James & the Backtrakkers originals recorded at Ely's Lights Borealis Studio Musica Raptura. Expressive rock, strong & progressive yet of standard Blues format variety that satisfies the modern feel that some of yesterday's artists might produce today & that today's- find intelligent & stimulating. Ely's played with various outfits in addition to producing music as a solo artist, performing mainly on the East Coast at such places as The Decade, Nick's Fat City, Hardrock Cafe, outside festivals like Freedom Fest & Blues Festivals, several once & twice a monthers & more. Thanks to you & although recruiting candidates for audition today the Ely James and the Backtrakkers PowerTrio & fantastic voyage goes on, steamrolling along in that ABX Xpress Engine #9! Click on links on this page to sample & obtain EJATB music.


Let the ones who thank you in the EJATB mngmnt team know how we're driving!

Are you looking for collaboration or venue hosting opportunities with us, then let's go! The creative Rock-n-Rollers at the EJATB Mngmnt Team would love to hear from you!

send correspondence to: 4015 Howley Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15224 - C/O EJATB MNGMNT TEAM



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